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Originally Posted by nicha0 View Post
Don't complain about heavy plasma torps being one shots, they are avoidable and destructible.

Do complain about Dontra's torpedo spread hitting you, a normal hit you might survive if you are buffed up and full shields, the critical (which obviously don't happen because the patch notes say so) will kill anything with over 140k in damage.

Do complain about the Neg's isometric charge which can one shot an entire group, not to mention insta-kill the freighters in Blockade.

I'd also complain about gates super beam which can take one full shield facing and bring me to 20% hull in a single shot, then it follows up with something else a second later and you are dead, you can't react to that.
We aren't complaing about heavies- its the normal unbuffed ones doin well and away 100k b4 resists that are worth complaining about. No buff can save you. No maneuvre. No weapon. Its the wrath of gozer! Mwhahahaha!
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