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Originally Posted by gremlin View Post
If you really love the pew pew pew of your turrets firing with CRF, you could go with a single cannon build, I used one in a galor to great effect. Because the turn rate is simular to the Galaxy X you could modify Hakaishin's set up to suit yourself. His excelent build is here.

For survivability you really want to run 3 part borg with KHG shields. I have found the Jem'hadar set to be rather worthless in comparison.

A simple build off the top of my head could look like this.

KHG shields, Borg Deflector/Engines

Weapns: Fore: 4 single cannons Aft: 4 turrets
Engi Consoles: borg/armor/BoP/Autocannon
Sci Consoles: Field Generators
Tac Consoes: whichever boost your energy type.

LTC tac: tac team, CRF1, APO
LT Tac: Tac team, CRF1
LT Sci: Haz Em1, TSS 2
Ensg Eng: EPtW 1,
CMDR Eng: EPtW 1, EPtS 2, EPtS 3, AUX to SIf 3

I may have screwed up on the Boff positions.... STO wiki is not liking me right now.
hope this helps
You could do it. But don't. I have a Bortas entirely set up with Polaron turrets, tac consoles, jem set, and scatter volley. It works. It's also just really for giggles.

If you can put dual cannons on the ship do so. If you do this, you put torpedoes. You use the two piece KHG for the extra torpedo output unless you absolutely cannot survive, and then u use 3 piece borg till u figure out what's going wrong.

Here's a vid with some dreads. Just to show I really like them too.

EDIT: At least dual. if you go with engineering boosts to damage like DEM, duals work the best. If you go for tactical boosts like CRF, dual heavies may be your preference. But at least use duals. Because you're GOING to use torpedoes. And if your not well, can't help you, have a ball, happy flying and all that.

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