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Originally Posted by bubblygumsworth View Post
Sometimes being one shot by borg is canon, have you seen any star trek?
This x 1000

The borg can wipe out entire fleets with a single cube. Cryptic is trying to recreate this without it being entirely impossible to stop them.

Just be thankful they never added re-modulation to space fighting against the borg, which would be canon as well.

Besides, think about this for a moment. 95k for a heavy 2 plasma torpedo.

Striking a ship with an average of 30% hull kinetic resist (If you're smart to add resistance consoles for stfs). Plus shields reducing the effectiveness of kinetic attacks instantly significantly lowers the overall damage that torpedo can do. If they lowered it too much, it wouldn't be a high end threat, it would be a tickle that escorts would laugh off and nobody would think twice about taking the hit.

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