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Originally Posted by blitzsth View Post
I was wondering if it was possible for the developers to add a token on the C-store, that could be traded with a special vendor in-game for EC.

I work the exchange quite well in my little Tuffli and make a nice little fortune, but with the starbase contributions that mass of EC dwindles very quickly. So when I do came across an item on the exchange I want for a character, I look at my account EC balance and "dammit", I don't have enough.

So if there was a 100 Zen token on the C-store, that gave you a lets call it, a Ferengi Gold pressed latinum box. You could trade it for 2 million EC or 3 million EC at a Ferengi vendor.

I normally sell Keys on the exchange, but with so many people under cutting each other instead of playing the long game, the price of keys drop very quickly after new lock boxes come out.
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