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08-30-2012, 09:51 AM
One KDF fleet daily that has been bugged since day one, and my four KDF officers encounter it very regularly (50-75% of the time I get this mission, it doesn't work) --

The mission to inspect 5 "Bekks" (cadets) in the main area of ops. You go to the designated area. You call the cadets. You salute. Then you start your 0/5 inspections.

Invariably, one of the cadets has NOTHING wrong with them - collar is correct, uniform is correct, posture is correct, the other one is correct. Therefore, you cannot "discipline" them and the mission stalls at 4/5.

The only option is to drop the mission, which invokes the 20 hour cooldown and you cannot take another fleet base daily until the next day.

I bug report the mission every time it fails for one of my KDF characters, so I'm guessing the trained monkey at cryptic who reads bug reports is sick of seeing it.