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08-30-2012, 09:55 AM
I was thinking of writing a thread bemoaning Sci in PvE myself. Thanks, you've saved me some trouble.

I agree that outside of Starbase Blockade, which seems basically made for Sci ships, I don't enjoy playing as a Sci captain in an Intrepid (or an RSV, since I had that before I got my 600 day token). Certainly compared to my Tac/Armitage, Tac/Sov, Eng/Garumba and Sci/Kar'Fi anyway. I can't do all that much damage. I can toss out Hazard Emitters and TSSes to my team-mates, but good players will only occassionally need them. And debuffs and crowd control border on being unnecessary. So I just feel like I'm not really doing anything that I couldn't do better in another ship.

Now some of this could be solved by redesigning the missions so they're less DPS-centric, but there's also a problem that most of the offensive and debuffing Sci powers aren't very good.

As far as I can tell, there's little point in bringing anything but Gravity Well and Tractor Beam Repulsors as your Lt. Comm and Commander abilities in PvE, especially STFs. Viral Matrix can be useful against active bosses like Donatra and a Tac Cube, but most of the time you're either dealing with multiple targets, so disabling a single one is not effective, or fighting a large passive target, that won't be too upset by Viral Matrix. So it gets sat on doing nothing a lot. It's much better in PvP though.

Tyken's Rift isn't terrible either, but it doesn't do anything useful that Gravity Well doesn't do better.

Putting a heal in there is pointless since you'll have your Ensign/Lt powers filled with heals (seriously, there's sod all else worth having at that level). At least they seem reasonable though as Ensign and Lieutenant powers.

Scramble Sensors isn't worth it because the enemy NPCs do minimal non-spike damage relative to their health. So them shooting each other is irrelevant.

CPB, PSW and Tachyon Beam don't do enough damage to be worth the effort. The stun from PSW and decloak from CPB also seem to be irrelevant.

What's the point in a weak cloak (Mask Energy Signature) on a non-DPS ship? You can get into a good attacking position undeteced (sometimes) and then unleash your assault that doesn't really do much, unless you have a Tric or something.

Power Siphon is basically a power level buff, the debuff to the enemy seems inconsequential. It's not terrible, but there are better options - namely TBR, GW or VM. It also shares a cooldown with Tyken's Rift & Tachyon Beam, so you can't use them together in an attempted drain build.

Feedback Pulse never seemed to do a lot for me. Also, I wouldn't have the aggro all that much since I'm not hurting poeple as much as my team-mates unless they're useless.

Photonic Officer - This is okay on paper, but in pratice it's a waste. What wonderful power are you going to cool down with it? Most of them aren't very good. And then this thing is on a 5m cooldown, so I can use it 2-4 times per STF or Fleet Action. Pointless. I'd much rather have a power with a 1 minute cooldown so I can just keep using it.

Did I miss anything?

At no point in an STF or Fleet Action (apart from Blockade) have I ever though, "man I wish I'd brought my Intrepid". But plenty of times have I been in my Intrepid thinking I just should've brought a different character in a different ship. The only attraction seems to be the inbuilt Sensor Scan and subsystem targetting, and they just don't make up the shortfall in the effectiveness of BOff powers, imo. So now, I don't bring my Intrep on STFs anymore. It's relegated to Blockade duty.

I agree with your changes to Tachyon Beam and CPB. That would make them into a Debuff power (what Sci is supposed to do) rather than a damage power. Might be "fun" to balance right, though. I also agree with your changes to Jam Sensors.

Not sure about Tyken's Rift working properly. It seems to have less pull than GW, definitely less damage and I've not noticed a whole lot of good from the power drain. And you can't use it together with Power Siphon because they share a cooldown. It's not terrible, but there doesn't seem to be a compelling reason to run it ahead of GW.

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