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"MATURE" is subjective... We are all in our 30's, 40's and Beyond... Some of is are still teenagers with something to prove Mid-Life style lol

We do have a good team of people/leaders and always looking for more. We try to remember that this game is about FUN and the Fleet is about sharing and giving opportunities for more fun. We also have a large group of fanfiction writers in our fleet and some of us just like being creative but need some help on the literary side.

We are social first but we do cater to all aspects of the game. We have Fleet Nights Scheduled for 9:30 EST every week night. These are not set in stone and are just set up so those that can only get on certain nights can work around the schedule. If there is more interest is a certain event on another time or evening please give us your feedback.

Monday 9:00 EST - Levelling Night/TV (not a book) Club
Tuesday 9:00 EST - Premade team PVP practice/Anything Goes!
Wednesday 9:00 EST - STF Night
Thursday 9:00 EST - Fleet PvP Night
Friday 9:00 EST - Anything Goes!
Saturday 9:00 EST - RP/Anything Goes!
Sunday 9:00 EST - Anything Goes!

We also have a schedule for our GMT members across the pond.

Please check out our website to find out a little more about our fleet if you are interested bu clicking on my signature image.

Live long and prosper...
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