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# 1 Doq Tel Suvwis (redwing)
08-30-2012, 12:53 PM
Hi All,

DOQ TEL SUVWIS (Redwing) is recruiting! Contact @animusrevertendi

We are dedicated to Team oriented gameplay. We enjoy working together towards common goals. at the heart of our wing is the desire for pvp. Our motto is constantia et virtute, with firmness and courage.

STORE ACCESS - all members get store access as a pay as you go way of buying. We have contests running for donations on your @ handle. Donate on both bases to count towards your total for prize draws.
SISTER KDF FLEET - Doq Tel Suvwis (play with us on both sides of the fence)
EXCHANGE - our grand nagus will help you make over 10 million ECs per day, we know all the tricks and pyramid schemes
ELITE STFS - Super fast runs in 6-8 minutes for all space STFS.
PVP - Shuttle battles, Interwing pvp, capture and hold, our own game mode: Protect the Freighter.
STARBASES - T4 FED and KDF base (1 of only 10+ fleets in game with both bases at T4) T3 embassy in progress, DIL mine progression
FLEET MARK PVE (Record: 39 saboteurs in incursion, over 28 freighters in blockade)

We have resources available:

Active message board REDWINGFLEET.COM, and communications


Towards other members - no trash talk, putting people down, or negativity

Towards playerbase - noobs in stfs should be taught how to play and recruited, if they won't listen then put them on ignore list, NO TRASH TALKING PERIOD.

Towards other wings - show respect in pvp, no swearing, always being a good sport.

Redwing is moulded like the Jedi Order. We moderate disputes and do not get drawn down into vulgar trash talk with other players both Klingon or Federation. Any issues with a STO wing it should be brought to their wing leader (Animus or a Fleet officer) to discuss with the other guild. Any complaints against other members in our wing must be brought to myself or another CAG. They are not to be discussed in open channel, especially not in REDWING chat channel or the message board. A positive gaming environment at all times!!!!

We like to keep active players and highest levels have priority. If you are seen to not play for over a month, don't be surprised if you lose your spot. If you are taking extended leaves from game please inform us. Having said above everyone who is actively playing is welcome to join and compete for a leadership role. You may apply for a leadership role in the guild by messaging me. We all need to take responsibility to help our new players get accustomed to game, leveling up, stfs and pve.

Currently our fleet will be arranged as follows:

Everyone starts as a nugget/ptak for a 2 week orientation and probationary period. At the end of 2 weeks we have an interview with them as well as a private meeting with the CAGS to determine if they are suitable for the fleet. At which point they are given tags, added to message board and given full member status.

Ability to recruit, ability to remove items from bank, no EC withdrawl.

Members who have some seniority in the wing, I.E have played with us on BSG and have been in wing 6 months. Can arrange fleet events.

Officer corps, all members who have at one time been an office for the fleet. A place of respect in the wing. The highest non commissioned officer.

Members who have been with us through the complete construction of our starbase. Currently a placeholder for purchasing goods from fleet store.

Various positions being created in STO. Senior members and Vets can apply for these positions.

1) when all members are in REDWING doing an STF or group raid event, we click GREED on all loot rolls.
2) when there is a mixed group with multiple wing members and non members we use NEED on all loot rolls.
3) Show respect to fellow members and PUGS, try to recruit competent pugs to the fleet, incompetent pugs put on ignore list and do not swear at them.

A member who violates the rules has:
-ability to ask for mediation with a CAG/Animus and/or the person they have a problem with.
-ability to talk one on one and see if a resolution can be made
-will be given a verbal warning prior to any disciplinary action
-upon second offense, a second verbal warning
-upon third offense, a one week ban from wing cooling off period
-upon fourth offense, possible demotion to ptak/nugget probation until things improve and or banning from wing entirely.
All welcome, pm @animusrevertendi
Join us on Teamspeak! Visit our Website!

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