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Originally Posted by sollvax View Post

But SW novels are no more canon that ST ones
actually yes they are... the IP owner gets to dictate what is or isn't canon... now Trek has decided that only the live action series and movies are canon while Lucas Arts has decided the EU books, comics and almost everything else IS canon unless they say it isn't... you may not like it but your opinion on what is or isn't canon doesn't matter...

Originally Posted by sollvax View Post

and yes the star wars galaxy is walking distance due to the STATED on screen canon distance to kestel (14 parsecs)

Thus Even a Star fleet SHUTTLE is faster than any Starwars vessel

also no canon wise the SW galaxy is 120,000 light years across...the kessel run you are referring to is a tiny tiny little smuggling route so no it was never stated on screen the galaxy was 14 parsecs across.. it's just again you not seeming to understand what's going on or using common sense

common man before you keep arguing your nonsense and being wrong take 2 seconds to look these things up... it's all readily available

as I said if we go pure numbers, disregard deus ex machina, and don't specify any extenuating circumstances or plot devices SW wins flat out but that is still apples to oranges since neither IP's physics seem to fit with the others ... any other comparison is back to a fanfic story where what happens is dictated by plot devices or our own biases

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