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Originally Posted by lostmoony View Post
sorry but i open this thrad for plaxers who know how to play not crykids.

and players who know how to play do most stfs in ~7 min that says theyare much to easy.

and about the crykids the much to easy misions get additional nerfs what says its becomes ever patch easyer and easyer.

so add a new stf for real players and let the nuubs do there actuall lvl, thats my wish.
No 'crykids' or 'nuubs' have suggested nerfing anything in this thread. Just the opposite actually, Sollvax and Johnny have both requested harder content. Johnny wants the old STFs which were harder, and Sollvax has suggested a mission in which you have no respawn. I appreciate English isn't your first language, but neither of those posts is suggesting a nerf or a reduction in difficulty.

The closest anyone's come to suggesting a 'nerf' is restoring the longer, old style STFs and removing the one-shotting that was in them (and in the new ones for a while too). The older STFs were actually harder (and a lot longer) than the current ones. So asking for them back is not asking for a nerf overall. Johnny gave a good example of how to KA used to be harder - there was no such thing as just probes spawning. Spheres spawned with them (as if a gate had been destroyed) and had to be dealt with. Your gate guardians couldn't just sit there hammering weak probes that don't even attack players for half a mission. They'd have spheres to deal with.

And as for one-shotting, it shouldn't be in the game. Dealing with it is not actually difficult anyway. Let me explain: the Isometric Charge is not a 1-shot kill if you're first or second in the chain, so that's not what Johnny means when he says '1-shot kill'. He means the Borg invisi-torps that used to hit for 200k damage without warning, which is unsurvivable, no matter what you do. The only option is to run away from whatever fires it when it targets you. Running away from something when it targets you is not actually difficult. A monkey could do it. It is, however, annoying and bad game design.

Personally, I'd like to see things made harder with an NPC redesign.

And hell, an all-new STF with new maps, new challenges and 'puzzles' wouldn't go amiss either.

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