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The discussion fascinated me btw, is the hyperdrive is faster than the warp drive? A bit of internet searching made clear to me that data and film appearances of the hyperdrive are completely inconsistent on different occaisions. No one can claim they actually know because there is always some example that opposes it. I don't think Lucas really cared.
Give me the jump drive any day.
nah hyperdrive speeds are consistent and have canon values... your thinking Trek canon which is not how SW canon is handled... the speeds of hyperdrives are a little different than a flat value tho because they are going so fast that it's not a matter of speed but of having to not hit anything so it's more a matter what is in the way of you and your destination that you have to move around

in either case they both move "at the speed of plot" now in Trek they set the speeds of warp the way they are to fit plots where they need to make long journeys in space because they want that... in SW it's just an ends to a means as most of the story takes place on planets or what have you... each series bases and twists it's physics to fit the plot and type of story... Trek has always been about long journeys in space while Wars is about drama which mostly happen in fixed positions...

as I said the physics of the two don't really mix because they are not based around the same type of story or meant to accomplish the same goals

now they both fall short to the Asgard from StarGate... little ****ers popping from galaxy to galaxy in minutes in ships like it was a run to the corner store

and just be happy we at least have some figures to look at... FarScape and FireFly always pissed me off with never ever actually detailing FTL travel in them

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