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Originally Posted by sollvax View Post
even if it was the size of a Real galaxy (which it isn't)

the empires tech is Centuries behind starfleet
and the empires ships are SLOW

The USS Enterprise is faster than all of them

plus of course you can physically step out of the way of blaster bolts AFTER they are fired

The transporter would beam the entire ship into oblivion

AND the lack of the force would drive vader insane

the Empire was beaten and exterminated by a bunch of criminals , smugglers , terrorists and drop outs lead by a giant fish

oh and a black hole CLUSTER is physically impossible

How long do you think they would last against the Klingons??
The ships in SW, as far as engines go, are far superior than ST. They don't "jump to light speed", they actually bore a tunnel in space, similar to wormholes, with their engines and can traverse the galaxy within hours or days. If you're referring to being able to maneuver in a fight then yes, most ships in ST can out maneuver the larger heavy cruisers and dreadnaughts in SW. If you want argue shields and weapons, I won't indulge you. That argument can go either way because both sides can make up numbers about power output and warhead yield.
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