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Originally Posted by allyoftheforce View Post
The ships in SW, as far as engines go, are far superior than ST. They don't "jump to light speed", they actually bore a tunnel in space, similar to wormholes, with their engines and can traverse the galaxy within hours or days. If you're referring to being able to maneuver in a fight then yes, most ships in ST can out maneuver the larger heavy cruisers and dreadnaughts in SW. If you want argue shields and weapons, I won't indulge you. That argument can go either way because both sides can make up numbers about power output and warhead yield.
lol ya a lot of the larger ships in SW seem to favor the battleship way of fighting... brute force over finesse... but also lets not forget the size differences... I mean in SW we have standard star destroys which are mid sized battleships at 1600 meters and command ships like the Executor at 19,000 meters... they're basically more like spacestations with hyperdrives than ships lol.... can't expect them to be as nimble as a 700 meter Sovereign class ... not to mention the mass and volume differences between most of the ST ships and SW ones because even in space the amount of energy for mass to thrust increases exponentially

on the small it's about the same... X-wings and Tie fighters are about as nimble as say the delta shuttle and whatnot... tho since SW ships use hyperdrive for FTL even over distances as short as to farther out moons from a planet (lol lazys) thus don't really need to go that fast in normal space I'd assume Trek ships are faster sublight...

although like I said all my sources for actual numbers are technical manuals which for SW are canon and for ST aren't canon can't really count on them for solid answers in a comparison

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