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Hey guys. Sorry for the lack of communication; it's been a rough few months. I finally have a few minutes to come on here and post something.

Recently things in real life have taken me away from doing updates on my ship charts. When Season 6 came out, I felt as though I was at a good point with these charts, and went into adding all the new ships (and even creating a new VA/Fleet chart - which I was going to surprise everyone with). As stated, however, things happened in RL which caused the production to halt a bit. No biggie, really. What's a month or so off from STO?

Apparently, a lot! So there's all these Tholian ships now, mirror universe ships, a new +1 Sovereign, plus all the fleet ships, a new currency for fleet ships, the changeover to Xen & price changes for each ship, removal of ship skins: Maelstrom, Nomad, Imperial, Hephaestus, Comet, Nimbus from non-fleet tiers - UNLESS you already purchased them at one point (if I've understood all the forum info correctly) & the price changes when you want to buy the fleet version if you've already purchased them at some point? very difficult to put up on a chart all these contingencies.

I've always tried not to get overwhelmed by this project, yet I find it takes many, many hours. Ironically enough, these hours are taken away from playing the game. I know like 3 people in-game. I've joined fleets and barely feel like apart of them because I'm never in & I feel like I'm missing out on a large portion of the game? especially now with the fleet advancement stuff. I've not had time to get my characters cool gear - let alone grind any amount of dilithium to buy anything worth-while. A few people have gifted me a few things which I cherish and enjoy every time I play - one person gave me an entire Aegis Set! Another actually gave me C-store points to buy an Excelsior! And further still, a few people have given me C-store gifts and donated dilithium through the foundry donation mission I created. For these contributions & donations, I can't express my gratitude. The kindness of the community always shocks me into awe.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy making these charts & contributing to the passion of this community. It's what's tied me to this game (in an unofficial capacity) and I've always looked at this project as a "labor of love." But moving forward, I don't think I can give the attention needed to continue making this resource - at least not in the capacity that everyone using it deserves. I used to keep track of the dev blogs and listen to podcasts, anticipating new ships as they came out (often showing on the shipcharts with "placeholders"). I was usually on tribble with the test ships AS SOON as they were available; those that weren't on Tribble, I'd beg others for screenshots of the latest and greatest ship. With time constraints on me and working two jobs just to make ends meet, I really don't think I can continue, no matter how much I wish I could. If it was a paid gig, then yeah! bring it on! but, as I said, it's always been a "labor of love" and sometimes, love just isn't enough. *sad panda*

Don't want to leave on a sad note though... I again want to thank everyone who's supported this project and gave me encouragement. Working on something like this for the better part of 2 years is a commitment I have enjoyed and held proudly. It's our love of Star Trek & it's ideals that unites us all - as a community and through our humanity, and I've learned so much through doing this for everyone.

Thanks & I'll see you all in the stars...
I totally sympathize with ya! I actually began revamping my own chart over the summer to get it back upto date, but then the fleet ships got added, along with more lockbox ships, it kind of got to the point where actually organising all the ships in an easy to understand way was becoming difficult to actually achieve!

The work on your chart was fantastic. i suppose the one glimmer to be taken from this is that the work we did on our charts got Cryptic to add the ship info window ingame, so poeple can still actually compare ships fairly easily (which was the original issue that created the need for the charts).

I still think we should maybe collaborate on a master PSD document that we can both work on, to perhaps help reduce the workload ;-)

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