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Wars are never won by an army. Really. An army can subdue people for a time.

Star Wars made this point themselves, as the gigantic dictatorial Empire was ultimately defeated by a weak bunch of rebels. In one mere generation (from Anakin to Luke). And that's not so much fiction as we would think. How long do our modern dictatorships last on our own small planet after all? A generation or two? All are ultimately defeated by a bunch of rebels, it's not sustainable if the people see examples for alternatives all the time.

Now Star Trek has a superior economic model, paired with a superior political model. An open alliance where members are protected and which has a truly democratic government. And most importantly, where the monetary system is abolished and poverty no longer exist (due to the replicator). Imagine the Empire would encounter them. The already grumbling populations of the Empires systems would instantly revolt and join the Federation, eating the Empire from within. They would be so busy trying to fight rebels everywhere the Federation could just sail in calmly and make friends. As they always do.

The discussion fascinated me btw, is the hyperdrive is faster than the warp drive? A bit of internet searching made clear to me that data and film appearances of the hyperdrive are completely inconsistent on different occaisions. No one can claim they actually know because there is always some example that opposes it. I don't think Lucas really cared.
Give me the jump drive any day.
This, and very much so.

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