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08-30-2012, 05:05 PM
I really appreciate if people communicate in phase 2 which sabs. are down, It's such a waste of time otherwise.

The flashlight is not neccesary at all I find, but maybe my screen setting is brighter? Anyway, I see the sabs by their white character bars.

But here is the thing:
Everybody says to ignore turrets and guards in phase 1. And I did this for a long time. Stick to a zone and run around, only shooting sabs (I mean, it even says so in the game menu to ignore them, doesn't it?).
But then once out of boredom I started shooting everything in the corner I was guarding. What happened is that the rate of respawns in that corner went up a lot. And with all those respawns, also more sabs. respawned.
Now this might be my imagination, but I am pretty sure it works for me. Try it and see or you notice the increase.
For the rest it doesn't really matter in the sense of wasting time. If you stick to one corner you can kill quick enough not to miss any sabs anyway.