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08-30-2012, 06:39 PM
I agree with the /target Saboteur command as it will always (Except the very first one) give you the pos of a saboteur if you can't find one. Also, in part 2, you can snipe the bot right saboteur by climbing the boxes right at the beg of that section and getting on the edge. If you do it right, you don't disturb any of the enemies making it easier. The enemies you face completely depend on the tiers the group are in. If you get Orion or Klingon, then you have low SB tier players. Gorn might be tier 1, but I have no way to test that out. I know for a fact Borg and Nausicans are common for full tier 2 players. This pattern also goes for Fleet Alert where I've only seen Tholians in full Tier 2 teams. Also, to get to the captain, don't go out the door until all captains are alive. Use this time to set up before venturing out. Today I learned that a few well placed mines can make quick work of the second set of guards that transport in and also the captain.

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