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08-30-2012, 06:55 PM
Originally Posted by droz View Post
I have been going back and forth with their support guy on a ticket. He says I didn't buy the thing, but also doesn't have the ability to go back in the logs to see if it was in fact purcahsed when it originally came out.

IIRC, and please correct me if I'm wrong, when that retrofit defiant with the cloak came out, there was no other way to get the defiant with the cloak other than purchasing through the C-Store, am I correct? There was a retrofit defiant, but not one with the cloak, and the c-store had 3 tac slots, not two.

Please tell me I'm wrong here.
I did all of the above i even provided proof of the purchase and i got hit with the same thing you bought it with a token erm no it has the cloak and i have my credit card recipts, so long story short there answer is "we have no proof on our system you purchased it" so my bank who ive been with for 15 years is lying.... gimme a break also has any one lost toons since pwe took over im sure im short toons....