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Originally Posted by stevehale View Post
Thanks for the response. I'm using something called "extended reach dsl" because I live pretty far out in the woods. The connection tends to be slower than most but it's the best I can get in BFE, lol. I'll be contacting my ISP again in the morning but as an aside, is there anything that I might have done with my router or PC that would have capped the speeds on my end? I played, or had the game running almost all day only shutting it down for a moment and then I couldn't bring it back up again.
Extended DSL is bad enough, but can be made even worse with practices such as using a wireless router gateway on your end. (Things such as florescent lighting, and thunderstorms will really reduce the bandwidth of these things...) If you are using wireless, see if the conditions improve using a direct wired connection...

Also, make sure that you have Voice Chat disabled, as you don't have the bandwidth to spare for it...

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