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* Exploration Cruiser retrofit; similar in appearance to the U.S.S. Enterprise D / Galaxy Class; it can perform the dramatic Saucer Separation which has been seen in movies and on television. This turns you into an escort with a saucer pet that fires phasers on your target.
A little elaboration on what "turning you into an escort" means:
  1. Your crew size is set to 100 (the others stay in the saucer).
  1. Your turning rate roughly doubles.
  1. The +5 to all systems power bonus is replaced by a +15 to Weapons bonus
  1. Your shield modifier is reduced from 1.0 to 0.9
  1. Your inertia rating decreases, allowing for faster acceleration and stops

However, unlike an Escort, you retain the 4 Forward/4 Aft weapons arrangement, and do not gain the Escort's ability to mount Dual Cannons/DHC, so you will be fighting with Cruiser type weaponry.