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# 1 Torp HY versus Torp Spread
08-30-2012, 09:47 PM
I want to know what exactly are the damage modifiers for Torp Spread are. When using Quantums with Torp High Yield 1 you get the following:

Fires 2 Torpedoes, each dealing 111% of normal damage, (total 222% of normal), for Quantum Torpedoes.
However all the wiki says for Torp Spread 1 is this:

Attacking up to three targets at once (3 clusters of 4 regular or 2 special torpedo).
All I know is when I do fleet alert I can hit a battleship with High Yield 1 Quantums and plink maybe 5 or 6 percent of its hull away. When an escort comes along and hits it with Torp Spread Quantums it nukes about 50% of its hull.

I am using 3 mark XI zero point quantum chambers. I figure each of my quantums should be hitting for around 150% to 170% normal damage (I'm not sure how they stack - diminishing returns?). So I don't know why my torpedoes suck.

I am wondering if I should start using torp spread, or maybe go to tricobalts? Any feedback would be appreciated.