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08-31-2012, 01:05 AM
To start, the consoles kinda have a diminishing return, in fact that they are boosting your base damage on your weapons. I'm curious about more of your build and skills, because it seems like you might have a torpedo boat, but I don't really know enough atm.

There's a lot of unknowns here, like an escort, even with a non-tac is gonna be unloading a lot of big damage, because they can unleash a massive HY or Spread 3. If a tactical is flying it, then all that damage is gonna be mega-buffed by tactical abilities (especially if they critical), plus the pure and simple fact that they are probably gonna rip down a shield facing before they do unleash the torps.

So, the fact that your HY 1 isn't hitting very hard compared to an escort unleashing a ****-ton of torpedoes isn't surprising, which isn't anything at all against you, OP, I'm not trying to say that.

But, to actually get to answering your question, I do believe that HY buffs the base damage, and then your skills are taken into account. Someone who knows the mechanics better can say more though. Spread doesn't so much buff your damage, as just unleash a heap of torpedoes to your targets, and all those clusters are gonna do a lot of damage. I mean, Spread 3 fires up to 5 targets, each target recieving 5 groups of 8 torpedoes (excluding tricobalts of course), to put a number for that, is TWO HUNDRED torpedoes possibly.

All that said, I'd recommend you stick to your quantums, and get a spread, because HY is nice, but even if you have only one target, it can be nicer to just hit with a large amount of torpedoes, because in the end, for most cases, the damage is roughly the same.