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08-31-2012, 01:13 AM
You're mistaken about a couple of things. The VA reward one came with the cloak as well. My main is a ta and I got the Defiant Retrofit when she hit 50 with the reward token, and have always had the cloaking device. If you're basing that you must have bought it because you've got the cloaking device, then you're probably mistaken that you actually bought it.

Another thing is, you said that you paid 1200 cryptic points for it, but the Retrofits were 1600. There is however, the Defiant Refit that cost 1200 cryptic points, which has 2 tactical officer slots and doesn't come with a cloak. If I had to guess, you're confusing having got the Defiant Retrofit from the old VA reward token, with having later bought the Defiant Refit.