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Originally Posted by dyatlovbass View Post
I find it tragic that anyone has enabled this idiocy to go on for 17 pages. If you fly this ship, you are an idiot. If you actually die to this ship, you are an even bigger idiot--but not as big an idiot as "Destruction God" or whatever animu nonsense the subhuman who thought up this obese monstrosity calls himself. If I were actually emotionally invested in this plebeian exercise I sometimes pretend is a game, I would weep at the sight of someone who can afford XII's and [Acc]x3's would use it to outfit this asinine ship. As it stands, I'll just laugh nervously and inwardly cringe.

Is it wrong that I read this post to the voice of Tuvok? An attempt to portray eloquence without any understanding of the matter at hand. And you certainly have no idea of the Dreadnoughts potential this thread highlights.
Your arrogance is typical of someone who cannot fathom the superiority of others, those who invest time and resources to deride the highest possible result from something you have dismissed as useless. If you cannot see the effectiveness of an Escort style DPS Tank (which essentially, is what the Galaxy Dreadnought is) then you sir need to start again from page one of this thread, and start again in Start Trek Online.

Now, back on topic:
I run the Galaxy Dreadnought cruiser in the same way (albeit without the cloak console).
Currently using 4x DC's at the front, 4x Turrets at the back with 4x RCS consoles, 3x Phaser Relays, Field generator and Emitter Array, MACO set, Devices to suit the current 'mission' and Boff's for a damage resistant tank.
Acceptable turning rate in combat without relying on the cloak/ambush tactic or Evasive Maneuvers.

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