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Originally Posted by thecosmic1 View Post
Crafting is not dead due to Dilithium costs. Crafting is dead for 2 reasons:

1: You quickly out-level anything you Craft that isn't Mk XII, meaning there's no reason to Craft it.

2: The vast majority of items you Craft are not as good as the items you earn simply by playing.
Pre-VA, I'd agree with you for the most part. Anything you're crafting is going to be more just to increase your general research skill, having decent items for your level is just side benefit before you've outleveled them in a few hours. At VA, I disagree, at least from the console perspective. It can take a long time to find a set of consoles better than MK XI rares. It's also easy access to any kits you might want for you and friends, even though you can get them from elsewhere.

I agree that the dilithium cost is hurting crafting. Perhaps not have killed it, but it's definitely helping load the gun and steadying the aim.

As for the original topic. People who buy lifetime I think should probably get it from the subscription date. They're not exactly about the pay for more months, so why not? It'll be a bit of incentive for people to go lifer, even if they're 500 days in but have been playing for 3 years. But for recurring subscribers, no. In the end though, I do think the subscription rewards could do with some improvement.