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But, to actually get to answering your question, I do believe that HY buffs the base damage, and then your skills are taken into account. Someone who knows the mechanics better can say more though. Spread doesn't so much buff your damage, as just unleash a heap of torpedoes to your targets, and all those clusters are gonna do a lot of damage. I mean, Spread 3 fires up to 5 targets, each target recieving 5 groups of 8 torpedoes (excluding tricobalts of course), to put a number for that, is TWO HUNDRED torpedoes possibly.
Spread is sort of weird.

Despite the animation showing lots of torpedos hitting the target, the damage from each impact isn't directly comparable to normal torpedo hits.

However, the mechanic behind it is that each of the impacts on every foe hit by the ability triggers a small PBAoE - if you have a bunch of ships clustered within a few hundred meters of each other and use Torp Spread, then the splash damage from each impact on every ship hit will overlap; and the damage can stack up to crazy levels (never mind any extra damage from Warp Core Breaches resulting from those foes blowing up!)

And as is usual for kinetic damage, 75% of the damage inflicted will be lost if your target has any amount of shields up (even 1 point of shield will strip 75% damage) so it's VITALLY important to strip a shield facing down first before triggering Torp Spread. This is part of why you'll see "good" Escorts use energy weapon abilities such as "Beam Overload" before using a high-damage Torpedo ability (the other part is to inflict debuffs like Attack Pattern Beta on whatever targets you're about to nuke: APB3+CSV1+TS3 is a very good combination).

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