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Originally Posted by dassemsto View Post
just a thought: How about P2W doffs? Doffs that are/were available only through the Z-store...

Slippery road... more than half the game is in the z-store now.
The only Doffs that are avaliable Via Z-store I believe is the DS9 Doffs.

Also, most Doff abilities, if not all, can be aquired Via Doff Missions in game with out touching the Z-Store. Doing the Once every 3 Day Doff Aquirement Missions on the Academys has given some interesting Doffs. I even got an SNB doff on KDF side's Academy one day. The only Doff abilities how ever that I am not 100% Sure on are the newest Reinforcement Doff packs.

Also, considering that Not every Doff ability triggers on the ability bar (But most do) it would be difficult to police.

Consoles, and Special gear from the Z-store how ever, either by Lockboxes, or alternate ship purchases are much eaiser to catch. (Except for 1 of course, being the new Quantum Torpedo)
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