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08-31-2012, 02:50 AM
I can certainly sympathise with those who have run exceedingly large numbers of STFs and not gotten the tech they want. Haveing such low odds of even getting the rare salvage makes it seem pointless to even try, especialy on the more difficult to finish STFs like Cure Space. One thing that I think would make it less of a pain in the proverbial backside would be to perhaps add something that increases your odds of a Proto tech drop. My suggestion would be to increase odds based on performance in the STF. Damage done, enemies killed, deaths, and time taken to complete could all be contributing factors. Even if all these factors only increades your odds to 45%, this would still make doing the STF worthwhile, and doing it well, even more worthwhile and would encourage people to learn the winning strategies and group tactics. At the very least it might encourage the less proficcient players to try a little less hard to utterly fail a mission by not paying attention or by doing less inteligent things and ruining the STF for the whole group.