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Originally Posted by xtremenoob1 View Post
I think removing the SNB/Attack pattern doff - maybe some others would fix that. Personally I'd like to see no BFIs. They make tank too much.

I guess simple solution, if you can grind it from the cadres or from a nebula, it's probably okay?

Retro ships, no doffs, no p2w consoles, no C-store ships --- would really be interesting.
Removing the Retro ships is possible, since I listed all the Original Ships for The original End tier of the game. How ever I don't recommend saying no REtrofits since there are retrofits, like I listed in the "Other" list, that you can get from Fleet marks alone and don't require Fleet Modules.

As far as Doffs, It would come down to either an Allow or Don't allow Doffs.

And it would be eaiser to allow them, then to not allow them, because, again as I said before, it would be harder to police them all since not all of them have an Icon show up to prove it was used.
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