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That does not appear to be true. Each shield point can stop 75% worth of Kinetic so 1point of shield will only stop 1 point of kinetic. Perhaps 2 points of kinetic if you round. Even at 75% a high end torpedo round will do ok damage to shields. 75% can still mean 1000 damage to shields after resistance.
The above would be logically sensible, but is not how it currently works. (assuming that there have been no undocumented "bugfixes" to the damage calculation mechanics in the last few months, which was the last time I personally tested this...)

Shield Kinetic Damage Resistance is applied and factored into the calculation before any damage is subtracted from your ship's current shield/hull values.

Old Thread discussing Mechanics

And post from here:

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Whenever a Torpedo hits you, two things happen:

#1: The bleedthrough damage is applied to your hull. This bleedthrough value is not affected by shield resistance, but IS affected by the shield type - e.g. normal shields have 10% bleedthrough, Resilient Shields have 5% bleedthrough. The damage from the bleedthrough then gets mitigated by your Kinetic Hull resistances.

We now take the remaining portion of the damage (90% for normal shields, 95% for resilient shields).

#2 (a): If you do NOT have ANY shields up, the entire damage value impacts your hull, ignoring your shield type's bleedthrough values and any shield resistances. It does get affected by your hull kinetic resistances, but you will take a LOT of damage.

#2 (b): If you have ANY shields up (even 1 point out of 15000), it deducts 75% of the damage. It doesn't get any strange modifiers applied, it just vanishes. 25% of the original torpedo damage then gets applied FIRST to the shield facing, with any Shield Damage Resistances applied.

If the Facing stays up, things stop here.

If the Facing drops, the remainder of the damage gets applied to your hull.
This remainder then gets reduced by your Hull Kinetic Damage Resistances.

If your Hull stays above 0%, you live, if not, you explode.

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