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Originally Posted by pottsey5g View Post
Not convinced that is correct as it does not match what I thought I was seeing in game. Although I haven?t done lots of testing and should double check. Will try and find time this weekend to test, should be easy enough.
I'm not a position to fire up a copy of the game at the moment, but I'd suspect the most surefire way to check would be to equip a low-mark covariant shield (to reduce capacity and regen as much as possible) and get someone to launch a steady stream of Quantums at your ship. The torp hits at the start should inflict very similar amounts of hull damage to the shot that drops your shield facing, but any shots after your facing completely drops should be ~4 times at strong. Redistributing shields should allow the 'hits on minimal shielding' test to be repeated a few times without too much fuss.

It's easiest to see in PVE versus Borg Heavy Plasma Torps - assuming that you survive being hit by one of these shots, the numbers you see in the damage log should be pretty accurate. (I seem to remember that any hits that manage to completely kill you don't properly display their resistance-reduced numbers in the combat log, but it should be easy enough to survive a shot from Normal Non-Tac Cubes for testing purposes...)

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