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Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post
equip tractor repulsors.

dont use them until the ship tractors you and fires the three heavy plasma.

click repulsors.

voila. you're safe from this tactic.
Usually. Don't get me wrong, I use this method myself, but it's not entirely foolproof - if the warbird zaps you with Viral Matrix prior to the tractor beam, it's possible to have your Auxiliary abilities - including Repulsors - offline when you need 'em.

Beam Fire at Will, assuming a beam build, will help if this happens. But it's not 100% guaranteed to hit all three torps before they impact so a proper AoE like Repulsors is better, just don't expect it to always save you.

A photonic shockwave of your own will also destroy the heavy torps, as will Gravity Well. If you can manage to position it in their flight path, Eject Warp Plasma also stops them but I wouldn't want to rely on that!

I had real trouble with the named warbirds in the Romulan campaign until I switched to these tactics, even on Normal. Now on Advanced, it's very rare for me to die to a warbird (usually only if the mission lets them get the drop on you).