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Hello there i just gotta know for sure if there will be a true reason for me to keep on playing with my KDF and generally stick with this game.

I cant afford to keep paying the game so in two weeks or months the company kicks in and take down all the things that made me play KDF and exist as a unique faction.
Also make feds so much OP that no matter how good i play and no matter how much i pay i will just a federation puppet only reason existing is the entertain them NO NO NO THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEND!

First of all the company is treating KDF so much unfair i cant believe it.

They dont even listen to us when things get out of the hands and many klingon come 2gether to rightfully protest for all those promises and all those things given to feds when none was given to KDF then THEY SHUT US DOWN AND LOCK DOWN OUR THREATS AND BAN THE OP'S.

This is unacceptable we are customers also we pay the dudes that lockdown our threads they got no right to shut us down we rightfully protest here.

I bet this forum moderator he admited himself he got a KDF toon but its not active (meaning hes KDF hater and FED lover)

Now leave my rightfully protesting threads alone or i report you with email to PWE and Cryptic. You bet that if you ban me again without a true reason or shut down my Question thread this one i can and will report you. Even from your forums ''jokes'' its obvious you favour federation and you throw ''dead'' tribbles at KDF.

Last thing we might be only the 19% of total pop as some say but even if thats true 19% is a big number and LOTS of money to throw away just to soften even more ur spoiled federation kids.

Because if what the tittle says comes true you instantly kill KDF and the 20% of total population. But if you leave things as they are now and maybe show a little more attention to KDF side then you can keep the already happy customers the 80% from federation and also keep us the 20% of the KDF alive and paying. This is a lot better for everyone. the federation the KDF and the company and us players who will enjoy a nice balanced game.

But srsly killing the KDF just to share via lockboxes one console this is not good idea.

Because if plasma leech is shared its a major hit in KDF and even if not all 20% quit i bet my degree that 5% WILL QUIT INCLUDING ME AND THATS A LOT OF MONEY YOU GONE WASTE AND YOU KNOW WHAT? YOU WONT GET THOSE MONEY BACK FORM LOCKBOXES!

PS. i copied all protesting KDF posts into my computer its about 100 pages or more keep shuting us down here and maybe we can copy paste everything into another blog/forums where we can continue our conversation without interuptions.
PS2. Because i got better things to do rather than defend the right and the justice into a game and trying to save the company customers and money, i would like someone who is in charge and responsible enough to reply me if the feds will get our plasma leech in next patches idc if its one week or one year but if that happends at some point i would like to know it from NOW!

I would ty in advance but i wont cause no reply will be given to me and most prolly gone lock down the threat again and bad me because i expose the unfair treatment the company is showing to KDF faction and its playerbase

As long as decent ppl keeps on playing KDF i will be here to show them what is right or wrong i will never stop unless you start treating them fair and square.

Edited to add this:

Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post
I see a lot of federation players whining about the KDF leech console.

Have they noticed the MACO shields also give their ships power?

Plasmonic leech is +1 per weapon per activation
MACO shield is +2 per activation.

Both have the same timer duration.

The difference? KDF gets the power bonus by shooting, feds by getting shot AT.

...and the fact that the federation gets the STF MACO shield for FREE while KDF has to BUY a ship to get it.

The leech cannot be given to the federation unless the maco shield or a similar shield is given to the KDF. Otherwise one side would have the ability to double-stack power bonuses.

Can you imagine how overpowered a federation ship would be with +40 power gain by using both of these? Ridiculous.

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