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08-31-2012, 10:17 AM
Why am I posting here? Just gonna repeat the same stuff I have posted in carrier threads, Fed cloak threads, Fed battle cloak threads, Fed Orion costume threads, universal BO stations on all Fed ships threads, Fed BoP threads, Fed "Klingons are OP in PvP and do too much damage" threads... on and on ad nauseum.

Don't know why I bother. Feds have carriers, Feds have two ships with cloaking and the Rhode Island, Feds have universal stations on more ships than the KDF do, Fed fleet escorts now pack more tac console slots than any KDF raptor or BoP, the trend seems to be let the Feds eat cake.

I'm tired but while I am staring at the ceiling as I try to figure out what color to paint it while I wait for the Feds to get off... Well I guess it's the same poo on a different shoe all over again.

Feds should not get Plasmodic Leach. Yes it is buggy right now, (which is why I seldom use it), it is on the table for yet another revamp to control just how much power it gives the the person who slots it. So I ultimately know they are not gonna get the "I Win!" button they are looking for.

That aside I am, as always, against the Feds getting it for all the same reasons as in all those other threads, primarily novelty of the factions. Plasmodic Leach is well positioned for a thing called "Perfect Imbalance" in that on the surface it looks OP but if the Devs get the math that underpins it just right will be effective but in the long run able to be countered. This, like the Fed AMS console, makes a novel niche for the factions that will encourage better meta gaming.

The Klingons should have a couple game mechanics to themselves. Most everything novel to the faction is now able to be done on the Fed side as it is. That means that carrots to lure Fed players try KDF play have been removed from the table.

Given that a new player has less incentive to actually commit to a KDF toon as they have to wait till level 26 to even roll a KDF the KDF needs every single hook they can grasp.

Blocking Feds from KDF exclusive toys like Plasmodic Leach is not in any way being stingy. It is trying to avoid further faction population stagnation.

That is my peace.
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