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Senior Officers of U.S.S. Discovery (NCC-92999)
(Sovereign-class Assault Cruiser)

Commanding Officer
Human male

[See separate entry]

First Officer / Tactical Officer
Andorian shen

"Tala" is as passionate and fierce as any Klingon; Sinclair sometimes calls her "my pirate queen," to which she usually responds with a dangerous grin. She is equally adept at the tactical console or leading an away team. She will (reluctantly) play it cool when orders and/or circumstances require it, but prefers to throw herself into battle. There is a strong mutual attraction between her and Kyle, but they have so far refused to act on or even openly acknowledge it; not only is he her commanding officer, she is already part of an Andorian qavni (quad marriage). She is an accomplished watercolor artist and calligrapher.

During a visit to Andoria, Rintala introduced her captain to her bondmates. Evras (thaan) was cordial, while Dirnan (chaan) was as suspicious as he is of all non-Andorians, and Kayna (zhen) was neutral, only wishing that Tala would spend more time at home. The children were very curious and enthusiastic, but had to be reminded that "pinkskin" was not something they should call a guest (Dirnan disagreed on this point).

Chief Engineer
Human male

If one were to pick one adjective to describe Discovery's chief engineer, it would have to be "big": big man, big smiles, big heart. Though best known for his friendliness and irresistible charisma, he can be quite intimidating on the few occasions he needs to be. He and Sinclair hit it off immediately, with none of the difficulties the captain had with his last chief; his men practically worship him. Sullivan's usual reply to orders is a confident, "We'll get it done, sir." He enjoys historical holonovels, hockey (he coaches the ship's team), and playing jazz trumpet.

Sully is a family man, with a wife, two young daughters and an infant son accompanying him on board. Anyone who threatens them will see a very different side of him.

Lt. Commander LISSA ADRAY
Science Officer
Trill female

Practical yet insightful, and a good listener, Adray has helped "ground" her friend and captain on many occasions and is often the one to come up with other options when something isn't working. Her field is astrophysics, specializing in subspace phenomena; she was a sensor operator on the Osiris before being thrust into the role of acting science officer. Lissa never sought Joining, which she feels is too deep and permanent a commitment; she'd rather remain the person she is and live her own life. She cooks as a hobby, preferring its spontaneity and uncertainty to the sameness of replicated food.

Adray recently acquired an unlikely-seeming partner in the kitchen: the Vulcan chef Stonn, who she initially assumed would be as precise and unvarying as any replicator. She was surprised (and embarrassed) to discover his commitment to the philosophy of IDIC, as expressed in the art and science of cooking.

Lt. Commander OLIM VAN
Chief Medical Officer
Bolian male

Discovery's doctor is known for his excellent bedside manner and positive attitude in the worst of situations. He is a constant talker, engaging patients in a line of cheerful and sympathetic patter while diagnosing and treating their injuries; any questions or orders to subordinates are slipped smoothly into the endless stream of words, as are any necessary hyposprays, etc. The effect can be as potent and soothing as anesthezine; crew members often find themselves drifting off to sleep on a biobed or standing outside sickbay again before they quite realize they've been healed, let alone exactly when or how. If someone doesn't respond well to such treatment, he can sometimes become hurt and huffy in turn, but seems incapable of holding a grudge for long. He dabbles in botany, and talks to the plants too.

Dr. Van once talked his way out of a hostage situation in sickbay, distracting and then incapacitating the most belligerent of his captors before persuading the remaining, less fanatical members of the group to surrender.

Operations Officer
Vulcan male

Sarat is a model Vulcan: polite, inquisitive, logical. He is a very sensitive touch-telepath, with an esper rating in the top percentile for Vulcans; he habitually wears gloves while on duty to avoid inadvertant contact with fellow officers or psychometric incidents from handling equipment. A note in his file actually forbids him from coming within ten light years of the Galactic Barrier; his captain is fond of describing this as a "restraining order." He enjoys, or rather, "appreciates" strategy games of all sorts.

Mr. Sarat was instrumental in clearing his captain of a murder charge. Though initially convinced of his own guilt, but unable to explain why he did it, Sinclair began to notice inconsistencies in his memory of the event. A mind meld with Sarat established that this was a false memory implanted by the real murderer, also a telepath.

Flight Controller
Cardassian male

Jemod grew up on post-war Cardassia, determined to make something of himself. To that end, he enlisted in Starfleet, starting out as a shuttle pilot and quickly moving up to the helm of a starship. He is an expert hand-to-hand combatant; in contrast to Tala's flamboyant combat style, he favors quick, brutal takedowns. He has a keen sense of black comedy, with a sarcastic quip for almost any situation. He is often found on the holodeck, running sparring programs or hang-gliding; he is also an expert poker player.

Jemod was recently contacted by a childhood friend who had joined the True Way and attempted to recruit him also, to "stop living off Federation charity and reclaim the past glories of Cardassia." Jemod, who has a more jaded view of that glorious past, refused and was eventually forced to kill his former friend to prevent an act of terrorism - something for which he offers neither excuses nor apology.
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