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08-31-2012, 12:17 PM
Haven't done ANY of the math but run projectile skill=6, 2 blue torpedo DOFFs, HY2 and spread 1 and 1 mkX ZP console. The damage from HY applies only to facing shield where spread applies to multiple shields so it's obviously weaker when only the facing shield is weakened on the target. The spread seems to be most effective when it's fired into a down shield and only a single target is in range.

Now here's the nice part- when leading the attack on a single target with HY, 1 or two lone torpedo shots can be made before spread becomes available THEN 2 more lone shots can be made before HY is available again. I can normally get 12 or more quantums on target the first minute of an engagement. This means a Chel gret cruiser gets dead before the first pass is made @ full impulse.

For the life my I can't figure out why spread is preferred over HY, I love HY and rarely use spread.
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