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08-31-2012, 12:29 PM
Its more than a rumor and you all know this.

Also its not a double post i just had a fair question i would like answered soon so i can organize my future planning. EX (keep playing and paying the game or just keep playing without paying or just quit).

Since i am not f2per and i paid lots of money i would like at least if u cant treat fair to my faction at least answer me this question i asked so i dont waste my time in forums.

The facts are that if this console is shared will be having a huge impact over pvp and over KDF value as a faction.

I wont explain why and how exactly again even the optic fibers of the net learned those by heart by constantly saying by me and other elder KDF players.

The difference between me and the elder KDF players who i totally respect is that they dont loose their temper so easy as me and also they explain things a lot better cause their native language is english.

But what we say its obvious and all of us understands it but some of you pretend they dont for some reasons i wont analyze.

We all understand that MACO shields+leech+tractor pets+better escorts gone wipe out all fun in pvp and any competition against federation.

So plz answer me devs or PWE or cryptic idc who just gimme and answer will the leech console be shared via lockboxes with federation now and any future ''mini'' factions?

Cause if yes then you truly leave no reason for the current KDF players to keep on paying you and for future players to play and stick with KDF.

Ty in advance if you answer my question idc if its yes or no just tell me the truth.

From what i know this rumor leaked from a developer if am not mistaken thats how some players learned about this and thats how it got into my attention also.

So this rumor is not far from becoming reality sometime in the future unfortunately a bad one not only for KDF and its players but for the game itself.

I mean its not nuclear physics its simple logic

If u give all stuff into one side then the other side will suffer meaning that the game will suffer also

Balance and justice above EVERYTHING!

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