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Originally Posted by palpha2clearance View Post
i have always been of the opinion what is good for the goose is good for the gander......the Federation and KDF are on just about equal ground technologically, devices, cloak, universal slots at this point in the timeline.

Thank you
Ok then give us MACO shields and tractor pets and ur unique consoles and escort carriers and all those nice escorts we are missing and you can have all of our unique consoles then.

Thats what you say right?

All faction got all common and its only different design and skins?

Yeah this can work. I agree but its not the most optimal option for the game depth and uniqueness.

But what is happening here is taking rly important stuff for KDF and giving nothing in return or giving a console in return that is not so important as the one your taking from us.

It nowhere close to compare leech console with any federation console.

Only fair trade would be if we get similar to MACO shields with 10% dmg reduction to shields pretty high shield cap and CONSTANT ENERGY ALL OVER ACROSS THE BOARD that is stacking as much we are getting hit (the opposite effect from the leech console).
And escort carrier and tractor pets and fix our raptor turnrate and give us an raptor with 5th tactical console slot also and more universal boffs.

You can keep ur pve content and ur fancy clothes and costumes and unique pets.
I dont need ur pve content as long as i have pvp que, kerrat and stf's and fleet action mark que's

So if you give them leech effect along with MACO shield they will be having 2 much energy stacking and we will be only wasting one slot console just to cancel federation drain effects and we wont be getting any energy from our shields to compensate making the feds pretty much unkillable and KDF more vulnerable than it is now with all the ''free'' tractor pets around.

Also stacking maco shields + plasma leech it will be 2 much power all over across the board
like 125 125 100 100 or maybe more you know its possible even without spending 2 many skillpoints in ''talent'' tree on powers and this is just not good even if both factions have it!

In simple words if you give them leech console then you will have to remove energy stacking effect from MACO shields in order to maintain BASIC balance over pvp and pve otherwise its a gameover for KDF.

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