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Originally Posted by bluegeek View Post
I agree... it shouldn't be one-sided.

Even if its not one sided its like giving a nuclear missile for a paintball gun.

When this nuclear missile is the last unique thing KDF arsenal still got left and without it balance at pvp/pve might collapse and KDF players will loose its interest and new players wont be playing KDF also leaving the faction to die over time.

Because atm i do pvp everyday all day i got big experience in it and from what i see federation already got big advantage with the free tractor pets i can tell that for sure.

Also fed where not ever weaker than KDF just some new players rushed in cause of f2p and the result was some crappy builds and lots of moaning.

Feds are fine and i am shy to tell this but its the truth and experienced hadar ship or a fleet escort or an non fleet escort carrier can and will kill my fleet scourge destroyer equiped with purple xii stuff.

This is not fair already

Imagine that they get plasma leeches along with their already unique and very powerful MACO shields.

This will be even worst and it will be gameover for KDF i am sorry but its the truth.

Thats why i must know what are the intensions of the company.

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