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08-31-2012, 12:57 PM
As far as I've noticed, all doffs have a chance to proc, independen of eachother. Let's say in case you have 3 very rare bfi doffs, each with 50% chance to proc, the problem is that all of them may proc, thus having 3 TSS procs, one for each. Thing is that even with 3 bfi doffs you may not have any proc at all every once in a while. I think the fix for this would be to cumulate the individual % of each doff into one proc chance. So in case of 3 very rare doff, you would get 50% x 3 = 150% chance to proc (which in this example you'd only need 2 of them to have a proc guarantee. This way it would be the equivalent (or almost the equivalent) of having a TSS ability and also we can avoid triggering 3 procs in the same time which gives the ultra shield resist ability. With only one TSS proc a ship would be much easier to destroy.
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