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Originally Posted by francescos772 View Post
Guys it's not that the BFI doff is op, it's that too many other doffs are so broken that this one seems to be overpowered and unbalanced.

Let me explain.
It seems that, for every stackable doff type, if you stack two or three you get a free ability, slightly better than the original.
Working examples:
- Technician: you stack two and you have a photonic officer 1, you stack three and you have a photonic officer 2 (both better than the original).
- Damage Control Engineer: you stack three and you have a good chance (35% x 3) to have a free Emergency Power to X. Also in this case is better than the original (example: double epts3 on some sci ships)
- Conn Officer Tac Team: you stack two and you have a free tactical team, you stack three and you have an "Always on" tactical team.
- Development lab scientist: you stack two and you have a free science team, you stack three and you have an "Always available" science team.
.... and so on.
- Shield distribution officers: you stack two or three and you get a free RSP, but better.

Real problem are those doffs where even stacking three you don't have a decent chance to
see the doff proc happen, usally the chance is 50%.

Examples (excluding ultra rare doffs):
-energy weapons officers (20% x 3 cooldown reduction chance)
-projectile weapons officers (20% x 3 cooldown reduction chance)
-deflector officers (25% chance x 3)

Another problem is with doffs that cannot be stacked and that have a very low chance to proc
- gravimetric scientist
- warp core engineer

If you consider all above, you discover that the balance problem relies in this simple fact:
- ESCORTS captains can choose doffs that can "complete" their builds, adding missing healing abilities.
- SCIENCE and CRUISER captains cannot add to their builds the corresponding offensive abilities that are missing in their builds. Or, if they can, the chance to proc is lower and the resulting builds are more chance-based.

That must be fixed.
It's not bad to see an escort healing itself as a cruiser when the captain decide to spend his doffs to do so, what's bad is that at the same time we cannot have (most) cruisers and science ships do the same with their offensive abilities, therefore they also opt for slotting shield distribution officers or conn officers and the result is too much healing in arenas.
In regards to stacking and ability you get, you're correct, I looked at the icons on my ship, where the active abilities are shown, and with 2 purple bfi doff you get a tss2. With 3 purple you get tss3, so no doubt you're correct. I've also noticed each doff can proc independent of the other, so you may have 2 TSS procs on use of same bfi. That's why from almost no shields, you get to almost full and the shield resist gets insanely high.
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