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Originally Posted by bluegeek View Post
I agree... it shouldn't be one-sided.

I respectfully submit that if this were true, the Feds would have to wait their turn for new toys so that everybody gets a little something special.

I've always felt that the factions should be distinct in both style and gameplay. Obviously, you can't take that too far... some gameplay elements need to be universal. That "bang for the buck" principle again.

I don't think it's too much to expect that some things should be reserved for one faction or the other. I wish both factions had more unique distinctives, but the KDF needs it more. They're not Starfleet in funny uniforms. (We have enough of those in Starfleet.)

I haven't bought the console myself, so I'm not familiar with it at all. Nor am I familiar with high-end STF gear. I'd appreciate people in the know educating people like me about what combinations of gear/powers could cause problems (and how) so I can help focus feedback.

I believe the Devs like pointed feedback. 20 page tirades about how Cryptic sucks, not so much. Hard to find specific information in a sea of text.

This being Labor Day weekend and some of the Devs going to PAX, I wouldn't expect much feedback from them before next week... assuming they respond to this at all.
As a KDF player, the console has always been OP as have a lot of things. The basic problem has been the poorly designed power creep in this game as well as just bad balance of basic things like weapons proc. The Raiders/Escorts are way behind by in large. This console evens things out to a degree and I'm just speaking of the gain not the minimal drain.

Sticking to this console it's not hard to get 20+ power to all subsystems w/it w/it's flow cap boosts. Now think of how many Engineering Skill Points are needed to achieve that. Now think of where you can spend your skill points since you don't need nearly as much Engineering Skill Point investment.

Also think of what +20 to shields, weapon energy pool, engine speed/turnrate, and aux repairs does. More regen to shields, more resists. More weapon energy pool after the 1st volley. More speed and better turnrate. Better repairs, not to mention occassional Sci powers.

This isn't isolated to Plas Leech and is a general issue w/how easy it is to spike power levels across the board. Everyone starts off w/200 power (50/system). Lets add 20/system for plas leech that, 280 power. Now, lets add 25/sysem for the occassional warp core eng proc. That's 380 power. Now lets add a ships +20 for the new fleets and you have 400 power. Enough for 100 power to each system. There are also batteries, team batteries, red matter cap, Energy Siphon, MACO for Feds, w/e Eng Skills you feel like using to top something off if any, EPTx system abilities, etc.

In short the skill of needing to manage power has greatly deminished. This console is part of the problem. But, on the KDF at least is sovles another issue.

Currently this game rewards high spike DPS ships which jem lotto aside feds have much better options. You'd be pushing the hit and run KDF playsytle further down the drain, leaving KDF cruiser and carriers circling the wagons Fed style play.

The problem w/these things turning into a Cryptic rant is Cryptic Mgt has never cared and continues to claim to kick the PvP can down the road since Season 4.

They've been dishonest in regards to their mirco transaction store not being better, they even acknowledged this the following summer when a Dev admitted they had always been intended to be better by design.

Lately, they reward gambling by their OP lotto box designs.

So yeah, Cryptic has earned their contempt and lack of trust in my book.