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08-31-2012, 04:28 PM
There is another issue. If I want to get a subspae jump console, I can buy one for 500k EC on the exchange. If I want it for my KDF chars, it's 1000 zen. That's a lot more, and Fed chars can get the best KDF equipment for a ridiculous price, while the KDF players have to pay for this. If we could get at least the choice between the two consoles, the pill wouldn't be so bitter.

And if it has to be done, since Cryptic is willing to cust the cost for obvious reasons, getting good Fed consoles in return for the KDF would mean some respect for both factions. While I'm enjoying a lot my fed subspace jump on my tholian carrier, the point defense system isn't even worth opening a box, it's pure and absolute junk. Nothing you may use on any ship in any situation, although the subspace jump is usefull on many ships.

Come on, something dealing less damage than a pet every 2 minutes isn't worth a jump giving you the best angle to fire your cannons if you have some. The subspace jump is a promise for raw dps, especially if you use a tractor beam right after the jump; the point defense system is just a colored toy making some light...

Some examples of good Fed consoles the KDF could get in return for the plasmonic leech:
- Ablative generator
- Metreon Gas Canisters Console Mod
- Nadeon Detonator, to some extent, although it would be something equivalent to a barrier field instead since it's a bit inferior to the previous consoles.

Any other console for the plasmonic leech would be a joke. I don't mind if both faction trade good equipment for some other good equipment, but I feel that my fed chars get the most shiny stuff while my kdf ones get the junk.

Edit: I think we need to make a list of consoles the KDF really doesn't need, since 95% if its consoles are good and usefull and since several fed ones aren't... If it can help the devs so that they don't give our kdf chars crap in the next boxes.

- Ionized Gas Sensor: it's an anti cloaked ship consoles. The KDF has no cloaked enemy. This wouldn't be serious.
- Point defense system: who need that crap? It deals almost zero dps and takes a console slot for very limited results. If it's supposed to get rid off borg torpedoes, I think a smart player can just focus the torpedo himself and fire. Unfortunately, it was already tossed in the lockboxes.
- Tachyon Detection Field: anti cloaked ship. Uneeded.
- Transwarp Computer: this is a poor console, since the power levels it could increase are so limited it's not even worth using it. +20 in warp core efficiency would mean +2 or so in every power level if I made no mistake in my maths. Not meaningfull at all.

Some 'could be usefull but not worth the great KDF consoles you can use on any ship':
- Enhanced Plasma Manifold: it will make KDF scis happy, but that's it. All other KDF consoles are usefull for any class.
- Grappler: I would think to it as a joke, it's just a tractor beam. If I really want one I think we all have science bridge officers.

I hope this will be usefull to someone.

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