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the problem is multiple doffs can proc at once. 3 doffs worth of heals seem to happen quite often. in this case maybe limiting to 1 doff wouldn't be best, but limiting the number of procs at once. all 3 would role for proc, and as soon as 1 would proc all other roles would be discarded. so slotting multiple doffs would give you a high success chance, but the proc would never be stronger then a single proc. that would do away with the 15 seconds of invincibility, but still be a damn helpful heal
Exactly! Thats pretty good for elite stf, lol(the way they are now) but in pvp thing there are so many team heals and heals in general that it gets more annoying when more than one boff procs.

[edit]: to illustrate the absurdity of those doff procs, in Kerrat, 7 ships gang banged me, at some point I hit the bfi, for next 10-15 secs I was invincible, in god mode, shields didn't even drop a bit. Lol. I was expecting to be dead in 5-10 secs, in fact I survived much more when that shouldn't have happened.
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