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Originally Posted by teleon22 View Post
If they were to do a refit of the Dreadnaught I?d really only like to see four simple changes to the ship to make it worthwhile for me to purchase it.

1. Remove the Cloaking Device console and make it a ship specific ability like the Phaser Lance
2. Add the Saucer Separation ability. (Saucer Separation disables the Phaser Lance)
3. Make the Lieutenant Science Slot a universal Lieutenant Slot.
4. Add another Science Console upgrade slot.

I agree that the cloak should be a ship ability akin to the Lance and similar to Klingon cloaks. But even then, I wont use it often if at all. Its not a combat cloak like the Klingons have, or like the Dreadnought used in "All Good Things" and as such its effectiveness will always be questionable.

Saucer separation is a must. It'd give the ship a much needed boost to maneuverability. Especially for players who run a high DPS cannon setup. The base turning speed is very low, too low even for such a ship.

Lieutenant Universal slot would be slightly too easy to use. Add another engineer Boff for some serious tanking? If any changes should be made to the Boff layout, it should be for a Tactical gain. Considering the Dreadnought is such a combat orientated vessel, its current Tac Boff slots are woefully underpowered.

Adding another science slot couldn't hurt. It'd be somewhere to place that useless cloak console...