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Originally Posted by sirricwin View Post
Indeed. The Galaxy has a more than adequate shield strength considering the size of the vessel, and its ability to tank (obv because its a Cruiser) really is unmatched by any Escort.
However, I would like to see the slower cruisers, like the Galaxy, receive a slightly higher shield modifier to compensate its woeful base turning force.
I'm sure that was the intended at first but as seasons progressed and new ships came out, escorts and other ships abilities evolved. The Galaxy's ability to tank became obsolete as other cruisers out turned, overpowered, and have tougher shields than it. If the Galaxy was so much of a tank than, why is it rarely used in PVP? Why can't it take on the Jem'Hadar bug ship and other modified escorts? I can tank all day in my Galaxy Dreadnought but and agro the whole team of players, but My Galaxy, even though set up the same, don't stand a chance the same way. I spend more time healing myself than doing damage or try to run away as a smoking Battle section. Shields don't last well on my Galaxy. They are easily used up, regardless of capacity.