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Originally Posted by baelogventure View Post
I just saw a Sci Officer solo Armek on Elite.

Now come on, why are the Sci Kits so overpowered that a single person can solo an endgame ground boss by spamming their healing?

I think a nerf is in order.
Science officers are SUPPOSED to be healers. The kit was working as intended, it's just called being a good player. How would you like it if that guy were on your team when YOU tried to take Armek on Elite?

Personally, though, I tend to think that Sci Kits are a little underpowered. Tacs get grenades, weapon buffs, stealth... Engineers get turrets, drones, bombs, mines... Science kits get some roots, a little AoE, and heals that I personally think are a little underpowered a bit.

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