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08-31-2012, 10:27 PM
The Varanus? It's the D'kyr in dsiguise. Hell, even the platform does the same as the Tal'Kyr support craft. Use it as a troll mobile IMO. GW3, Tachyon 3, beams for subsystem and torpedoes. The repair platform has a VERY good cooldown (20 sec and you drop another) And the little adds follow everything friendly around. I had 6 spawn on me, and they even started healing my science fleet It's the only true Tier 5 science ship you can get on the KDF side, as the carriers IMO are too bulky to effectively move around and do their jobs. Alternatively, you could sue CPB3 instead of GW3, if you can fly around fast enough. With cranked particle generators, you can rip 3-4 shield facings in one fly-by.