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08-31-2012, 10:47 PM
As said above, the sci is the healer, shame on the player that it dares using the kit powers. You know what OP? How about they also take away the turrets and mortars? Because you can solo Armek with that too. Just get the mortar duplicating doff and drop them before engaging Armek until you get lucky and spawn in 3, outside the shield the game puts up. Then go in and dance around Armek until the mortars finish him off, since those can fire inside the shield. Or wait, let's take away Ambush, Stealth, the Grenades too. Everyone should use guns/melee only, right? Sheesh. It is the bets tactic to have a sci with medic or borg analyzer be in Melee with Armek, so everyone else can take shots at it without invoking the AoE spam or the ranged rage.