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09-01-2012, 01:11 AM
Originally Posted by baelogventure View Post
I just saw a Sci Officer solo Armek on Elite.

Now come on, why are the Sci Kits so overpowered that a single person can solo an endgame ground boss by spamming their healing?

I think a nerf is in order.

The kit you saw was likely Medic. A healing kit. Sci gets nerfed enough.. No.

If you want sci nerfed, then why not nerf tactical's operative kit, so no more 1hit kos, and fire team, so there is no stacking damage bonuses, remove the heal from 'rally cry'
While we are at it, nerf engineering kits, bombs should hit nothing. mines should have to be bought in the shops and explode on the user, drones should all malfunction and attack the player who used them.

Each type of captain has a kit which is particularly useful, crying NERF! should be applied to all not one if you so wish to cry.

Not everything in the game needs nerfing . Besides, Sci trades damage output for control/healing that tacticals dont have in lieu of massive dps.